About Kailash Parbat

Weaving magic over taste buds the world over!!!

From a street food-joint to exclusive landmarks across the world, the remarkable journey of Kailash Parbat is a story to tell. In 1940’s “Mulchandani Brothers” were busy and admired for their small dynasty of “Pani Puri” also tagged then as "British India Preferred”, on the Burns Road of Karachi. Little did they know that after partition India-Pakistan split, they would have to leave their belongings the other side and relocate to India. More than their valuables they chose to carry their utensils which spelled the magic of “Pani Puri” and “Ragda”. Destiny brought them to Mumbai and rest of the story remains a history. After a repute of “Halwai” in a lane next to Colaba market, the Mulchandani Brothers decided to launch their first foodie outlet named “Kailash Parbat”. Since then, the epoch witnesses an everlasting new and growing face of Kailash Parbat.

Our Vision

To retain and grow our heritage of serving richness of wholesome pure vegetarian food and delight every customer that walks-in at Kailash Parbat restaurant. Deliver a dining experience that combines rich taste, quality and moreover a bonding of love with Kailash Parbat!